First Comes Love

First Comes Love
By Emily Giffin


Growing up, Josie and Meredith Garland shared a loving, if sometimes contentious relationship. Josie was impulsive, spirited, and outgoing; Meredith hardworking, thoughtful, and reserved. When tragedy strikes their family, their different responses to the event splinter their delicate bond.

Fifteen years later, Josie and Meredith are in their late thirties, following very different paths. Josie, a first grade teacher, is single—and this close to swearing off dating for good. What she wants more than the right guy, however, is to become a mother—a feeling that is heightened when her ex-boyfriend’s daughter ends up in her class. Determined to have the future she’s always wanted, Josie decides to take matters into her own hands.

On the outside, Meredith is the model daughter with the perfect life. A successful attorney, she’s married to a wonderful man, and together they’re raising a beautiful four-year-old daughter. Yet lately, Meredith feels dissatisfied and restless, secretly wondering if she chose the life that was expected of her rather than the one she truly desired. 

As the anniversary of their tragedy looms and painful secrets from the past begin to surface, Josie and Meredith must not only confront the issues that divide them, but also come to terms with their own choices. In their journey toward understanding and forgiveness, both sisters discover they need each other more than they knew . . . and that in the recipe for true happiness, love always comes first.

1/5 Stars

Alright, before I start this review, I KNOW. ONE Star!! Really?? YES. REALLY. Some may disagree, but in my opinion, this book was really just not good. I REALLY struggled to read this book, I MEAN REALLY. It was just so empty of a plot line, and it really did not hook me in. I never found myself wanting to see what would happen on the next page, because I really did not find the story interesting at all. It's kind of like when some random person just starts rambling off to you about their personal problems, and you're just like... I don't care about your  problems?? Like please stop talking to me..?? But what REALLY annoyed me about this book was the CHARACTERS. They were horrible. To write a good book, you need to have likeable characters. And I'm not just saying that I didn't like what they were doing... like I litterally HATED them. EVERYTHING they did. UGHHH. Like I'm just thinking the entire time, PLEASE STOP. You are the most stupid person in the entire world. And even when I get a tiny feeling that they might be kind of okay, they go ahead and RUIN EVERYTHING FOR EVERYONE. Every choice they made was so bad they were just SO ANNOYING.  Since they are the main characters I keep trying to like them, but I can't they are SO ANNOYING LIKE ACTUALLYYYY. First of all, I will talk about Josie. At first, she was my favorite, and everything was going fine, but then she went ahead and wanted to have a baby by herself. Like I'm not saying anything is wrong about that, but she is just so ignorent and stupid, like she just says I"M GOING TO HAVE A BABY AND FORGET ABOUT THE REST OF MY LIFE and ughhhhh. And she's so ANNOYING about it all. EVERYTHING she does is just the most idiotic and annoying. Ok, I know it sounds like I am just exaggerating a lot, but it annoyed me soooo much. I NEVER dislike the characters this much. In fact I never really dislike the main characters, except for that time I read Harriet the Spy in 2nd grade... I HATED that book....... I actually ripped it up in frustration.... But anyways, back to Josie. I really hated the way she just like abandoned Pete, like she got there, and just right away said, sorry but I don't like you?? That's so rude!! Get to know him first!! It's your first date, you haven't even started yet!!! I can't deal with main characters that are like that. And then at the end of the book, she kept changing her mind like every 5 pages!!!! Make up your mind!!!! Actually, please just go with Pete and marry him and have your child with him, because honestly he is the sweetest guy, and you didn't even consider him like SJFDSFAKJND. She REALLY annoyed me. So on to Meredith.. At first I didn't like her, but then since Josie became all weird and rude and annoying, Meredith seemed like a good person. She seemed normal and not completely messed up. BUT THEN she HAD to go and ruin everything. Like WHY. Also, if you didn't like your husband in the first place, WHY did you agree to marry him!! Like you KNEW you didn't want to marry him, and you decided to because you felt bad for him!!! I really just hated that part where she told him she didn't like him. SHE BROKE HIS POOR LITTLE SWEET HEART!! And she said that she only married him because of her DEAD BROTHER. THAT. IS. NOT. COOL. And ughhh. Like please just stop. And I ABSOLUTELY HATED that part where Josie said she wanted to have a baby, and Meredith just started  YELLING AT HER. HAVE SOME MANNERS. SHE WAS LITERALLY ACTING LIKE A TODLER AND THROWING A TANTRUM. I honestly hated this book SOO much. I don't know how I finished it.

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