I am so sorry that we haven't been posting much! We have both been SUPER busy! Also, (I don't know about lark but) I haven't actually been reading that much. But don't you worry, we will be back to posting soon!!!! We know that not too many people comment on our blog, but if anyone has a book suggestions or ideas for our blog please comment them!!! We are looking at you, two people (three including us hehehehe.......) that follow our blog (THANK YOU SO MUCH BY THE WAY!!!!). So anyways... expect new posts soon!! I did update our movie page and put up the long over due Nerve discussion (sorry about that too........) so you can check those out in the mean time! I am really sorry again. We have been really wrapped up with school but there will be new posts soon, I promise ( I swear on Tate, Ed, Finch, Violet, Dave Franco, Kyle, and Lark!!!!!!!)

P.S. I am sorry we have really been slacking on the photos!! Those will be up soon too!!!!

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