The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett

The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett
By Chelsea Sedoti

A teenage misfit named Hawthorn Creely inserts herself in the investigation of missing person Lizzie Lovett, who disappeared mysteriously while camping with her boyfriend. Hawthorn doesn't mean to interfere, but she has a pretty crazy theory about what happened to Lizzie. In order to prove it, she decides to immerse herself in Lizzie's life. That includes taking her job... and her boyfriend. It's a huge risk — but it's just what Hawthorn needs to find her own place in the world.

1/5 Stars

So I got this book thinking that it would be a quick, fast paced, mystery. But no.... Its just sorta weird. Honestly, it could have been a cute, somewhat good book if the main character was decent. However, I could not stand Hawthorn. She was the most obnoxious, self-centered, annoying girl I have ever "met". Now, Hawthorn also isn't really doing any investigating. She never "inserts herself in the investigation" she just comes up with random and often quite insensitive explanations for what happened to Lizzie and then gets mad when people don't believe her. She also seems to think that she is some misunderstood girl with a horrible life, but honestly she has it pretty good. Not to mention, she would probably be a lot more popular, if that what she is after, if she was just a little nicer to people. Also, even if I was able to suffer through Hawthorn NOTHING HAPPENS. Literally the entire book is just filler. The summary seemed to hint at a huge mystery that was going to be solved. BUT NO! Its just a book for Hawthorn complaining. Honestly thats all it is... I am sorry for anyone who loved this book, because I know a lot of people did. I heard good things so I wanted to pick it up, it just really wasn't for me.

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