The Liebster Award 2017

We are so thankful to be nominated by the wonderful Chloe Harris from Forever Fictional. Here is a link to her fantastic post. Both Lark and I absolutely love her blog and trust all her suggestions and recommendations 100%. Here is also the link to the original Liebster Award post.

If you have been nominated for The Liebster Award AND YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT IT, write a blog post about the Liebster award in which you should do the follow:
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  • Provide 10 random facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 5 – 11 blogs that you feel deserve the award, who have a less than 200 followers. 
  • List these rules in your post 
  • Inform the people/blogs that you nominated that they have been nominated for the Liebster award
  • If you have been nominated before at any time please share the love. Many people believe the Liebster award is similar to a chain email/letter and sure it shares similarities but the underlining idea is to help promote each others’ blogs.

    We are putting our nominees and questions at the top because this is a extremely long post



    1) Favorite author?
    2)  Favorite quote from a book?
    3)  Would you rather win an olympic gold medal or an academy award?
    4) If you could be any character from a book, who would you be?
    5) What is the last book you read that was so bad you had to put down?
    6)  If you were in a movie, would you rather play the villain or the hero?
    7) Infinite chips or infinite candy? (That you can eat with out getting fat)
    8) Vacation to South America or Asia?
    9) Least favorite book cover?
    10) Least favorite book to movie cast?
    11) Physical books or e-books?

    Our favorite blog is Paper Fury. This blog is absolutely stunning. It is extremely bright and colorful, yet the design is clean, modern, and easy to navigate. Even the logo is beautiful and eye-catching.  For every post there is an extremely artistic photo showcasing the specific book. You can see the amount of dedication that goes into every single review. All of the posts are extremely well written with tons of photos and different fonts and sizes. It makes it very entertaining to read. Our favorite part, however, is how much personally is put into every post or review. It never sounds robotic or fake, you can always hear the authors unique voice through their writing. She adds photos to help articulate their emotions regarding certain parts of the book. It is an effective way to explain their thoughts that is also entertaining. We highly recommend checking out this blog and it is one of our all time favorites to read.

    Ok, so for our post, since we have two people, we decided to have a recording of us answering the questions. Then, I listened to that brutally long (I edited of course) recording (95% of which was us commenting on cute dogs that we saw) and wrote down what we said here. So enjoy this uncomfortably real conversation of ours. Also by the way it was really painful to listen to an entire recording of my voice, so I hope this is worth it.

    Ok, first I need ten facts about you
    Oh my god, no
    K I will ask you random questions and you just answer them
    What is you favorite.......... brand of chewing gum
    (FACT #1) Five gum
    What flavor?
    Spearmint/rain.... its called Rain but it is actually just spearmint

    (More dog conversation:
    Her tail is so small
    bloop bla-bloop bloop bla-bloop)

    (K I am sorry for this super long unnecessary conversation about chocolate milk here)
    Umm what is.... Ok what is you favorite...... drink and you can't say water because that is boring
    (FACT #2) Ok umm... Chocolate milk
    You are obsessed with chocolate milk
    Ok I am obsessed with chocolate milk, but when its cold out... Hot chocolate
    Did you ever used to make the lame hot chocolate where it is just chocolate milk that you put in the microwave
    No... Wait what?
    Yeah I know, I know that what I used to have
    Well I mean that is pretty much how you make hot chocolate
    No... It is not
    But I mean you just heat up milk and put the chocolate sauce in it
    Thats what you do?
    Yeah? Wait what? How do you make it?
    No, you have to use that actual powder stuff... Do you just put the same chocolate sauce in your hot chocolate that you use for chocolate milk?
    Yeah? But no no no, see Lily its a cold milk/hot milk chocolate sauce ok? See, like you buy your fancy separate hot chocolate powder and normal chocolate milk sauce........ (Gets distracted by car)

    What is your favorite.................................................................................................Character........ ...............on your favorite tv show? 
    (FACT #3) Umm... Doctors Michos from Untold Stories of the ER
    Omg Lark
    He's good... he's good...... Ok, thats all I have to say
    Its spelled M-i-c-h-o-s by the way
    What is it again?
    Yes, its Greek
    But he doesn't speak Greek in case you're wondering
    I thought you were about to say he doesn't speak Greece
    What why?
    I don't know?
    You heard me say he doesn't speak gree- and you were like THEY'RE GOING TO SAY GREECE

    K wait wait wait wait wait wait wait..... K what is your favoriiiiiiiiite name?
    (FACT #4) Anything that starts with an M 
    Examples please
    Mmmmmmmmmmmmartin, and Marvin, and Marlin... Not Marlin that just reminds me of the fish from Nemo..... Milton?

    If you had a bunny what would you name it?
    (FACT # 5) Umm ummm something creative... something that's like a bunny...carrot......boy 

    (So there was more, but I am only going to do five facts for each of us because this post is going to be long enough as it is)


    What is your favorite tree? 
    (Some Dear Evan Hansen references that we can just skip right on over)
    (FACT # 2) My favorite kind of tree...... My...... FAVORITE.... kind.... of...... tree....... is.......................................... a pine tree?
    Ok.... I know like two kinds of trees
    Thats good.... Gotta know at least two

    What is your favorite kind of dog?
    (FACT # 2) All dogs, I love dogs. But ummmmmmmmmmmm I love dogs..... Oh I love corgis. I am going to have a corgi that has a super fancy name like Victoria. Then I will call Victoria and everyone will be expected a super majestic fancy dog and my corgi will waddle out
    Ronaldo come come
    Ronaldo bring me my tea

    Cats or dogs.... Wait no I need to make this more.... more... more...
    More good?
    ummmmmmmm ummmmmmmmmm ummmmmmm ummmm Bunnies or ummmmm ummmm lizards?
    (FACT # 3) Bunnies

    What is your favorite continent?
    My favorite continent? (Lark you suck at coming up with questions)
    All of them?
    No Lily that is a really bad answer you need to pick one
    That was a really bad question
    (FACT # 4) Europe 
    Good job

    What is your favorite state?
    You have to choose one!
    That't not true
    Tell me your REAL favorite state
    (FACT # 5) New York
    Hmmmmmmm Dear Evan Hansen?
    Dear Evan Hansen

    Dog dog, dogdogdog?
    Dog dog!

    ANSWERING QUESTIONS (These questions were given to us by Forever Fictional)
    1. If you could co-write a book with any author, who would it be?
    Umm probably like a famous one so that I can get a ton of money like J. K. Rowling so then people will be like "oh my god new book by J.K. Rowling!" and then they will buy it and I will get a ton of money aww yeah

    You know I am kinda liking your famous author, get a ton of money answer
    Thats true, I'm smart
    but like also I don't know........ I'd write it with you
    (Gasp) awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    But like the money thing, thats smart.... but also you, it will be like a three person, three author book
    Ok Ok

    2. Spell your name in book titles. Eg. ChloeCinder, Half-blood, Lament, Obsidian, Everything Everything
    Lark:  Legend, All the Bright Places, Requiem, The Knife of Never Letting Go (Sorry it was really hard to think of a book that started with K)

    Lily: Love Letters to the Dead, Illuminae, Life as We Knew it, The Young Elites (Sorry it was also hard to think of books that started with Y

    3. Name a book with your favourite colour on the cover.
    All the Bright Places and Nerve
    Made You Up too
    All of them! All of the book club books (Join our book club by the way)

    4. What's your most anticipated release still to come this year?

    Ummm isn't there supposed to be a sequel to the nerve book
    I don't know is there? AND IS IT COMING OUT THIS YEAR?
    Ummmmmm There is that book that is the sequel series to the Mara Dyer books and it is like told by a different person so that one
    Alrightly then

    5. What is your favourite book-to-movie adaptation?
    Harry Potter because I don't know... its good
    Nerve was a good book that I thoroughly enjoyed. I also enjoyed the movie.
    What the heck Lark.....

    Harry Potter..... The Hunger Games
    Future though, All the Bright Places
    Future Everything Everything

    6. If you had the choice, would you be a vampire or werewolf?

    Yeah vampire, It would suck to be a werewolf
    because you can't control it, all the sudden BAM you are a wolf. Like if you are just hanging out with someone all the sudden like BOOM if its a full moon BAM werewolf

    Vampire because vampires pretty much have normal life especially if it is like the TV, movie vampires like all the vampires from the Vampire Diaries I learned this from ***** but they have like ring and they can walk in the sun. But honestly what if the ring fell off, like you were just swimming or something and the ring fell off and you just burned up
    I would get a really small ring
    I would get a necklace or something 
    Ok I would get an anklet so no one could see it or rip it off me or something
    Or like earrings
    Yeah I would get like a piercing so it wouldn't come out
    But what if it did come out... I would super glue it to myself

    7. Name a fictional couple that you didn't think should end up together. 
    Oh my god, oh my god I know this.... Gael and Sammy like no ewwww no
    From what?
    The Romantics
    Because I really hate Sammy

    Umm in Made You Up them (Alex and Miles) because I didn't like either of them

    8. What is the first book that made you cry?
    I don't know... I don't know.....
    Just a book that made you sad then
    If I Stay?
    Because it is a sad book 
    I cried in the movie too, that was really sad
    Did you cry when the grandpa was crying?

    I don't cry when reading books
    I don't cry.
    Ok, alright then

    9. What would your spirit animal be? 
    Ummmmm I don't know I feel like you can't pick your own spirit animal
    Ok I will pick yours and you pick mine
    You........... just gotta absorb you here for a second.... you are........ ok so either like a Border Collie or an antelope 

                    (Can't you see it though)

    You are a deer 
    A deer?
    Like a big deer like a big manly deer with antlers or like a baby deer or like a Doe deer
    Like a cute female deer
    Like a Bambi deer? Bambi mom deer?
    Bambi mom deer

    10. What is your favourite childhood book?
    Ummmm all the Dr. Seuss books 
    Oh I had these mailman books where you would get mail
    Oh also the Little House on the Prairie books
    11. Aliens or zombies?
    Aliens? Really?
    So you would rather have aliens invade then zombies
    Yeah what if they were nice aliens
    I am assuming they are mean aliens
    I mean that would just be cool because I mean zombies would just be like ehhhhh but aliens, it would be like oh my god BAM aliens you know?
    Yeah BAM

    I feel like zombies are kinda easy to avoid
    I feel like they aren't that big of a deal
    yeah thats true and if aliens had the technology to get to our planet then...
    Yeah but what if it was aliens like little tiny bacteria things
    Well how would they get to our planet then Lily, that makes absolutely no sense.
    Someone brought them here, like someone went to Mars and brought them back by accident and then they were just like woooooo here
    I mean ok..... but.......


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