Two Hundred Very Short Stories

Two Hundred Very Short Stories
By Helen Keeling-Marston

Two Hundred Very Short Stories is a collection of stories each so short that the reader can start…and finish…a whole one in one night – some even in a minute! Recognising that many people don’t have enough time for regular reading – and thus can easily lose the thread of a novel – Helen Keeling-Marston set about writing a collection of short stories. Two Hundred Very Short Stories – Helen’s first book – features an eclectic mix of short stories and flash fiction: flash fiction being works of extreme brevity. Similar to a musical mix tape, the collection of stories aims to elicit a range of different emotions from the reader: joy, sadness, amusement, befuddlement, intrigue and fear. Be warned, however, that you’ll need to have your wits about you when reading this book, as Two Hundred Very Short Stories isn’t always a passive experience!

A copy of this book was kindly sent to us by the author. This does not change our review or opinion in any way


When the author first contacted us about this book I really wasn't sure. I am not usually into short stories. I find that by the time I am getting into the story its over. It is almost as if the entire story is just the boring set up in normal length stories, but it never gets to the good action part. Obviously that isn't the case for all short stories and it isn't the case for these ones. I decided to give it a chance and I read the short excerpt that she included and I absolutely loved it. These aren't your average short stories they are almost like mini short stories, shorter short stories if you will. So instead of having too little to have a satisfying story and too much so that I start to get bored, it has just enough. Some of the stories are just a few sentences long, but they are so clever and unusual that you keep reading more. I love how you often don't quite know what is going on until the very end when it all makes sense, but since it is only a few sentences to a paragraph long, you never feel lost. You get to read a whole story in only a minute. I have to say my favorite stories were always the ones the really short ones (The stories ranged in length from one sentence to a couple of pages). They were so short that after reading them it often took a minute to figure out what they meant (in a good way... not a confusing way...). It is hard to write a good review for these types of books because I can't really give you an idea of the plot because there are so many. It is just best for you to read it yourself. The stories were so clever, honest, and often extremely funny.

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