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By Arin Lee Kambitsis


The magic of J.R.R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis and J. K. Rowling meets the heart-pounding frights, and thrills, of Stephen King, Peter Straub, and Clive Barker. It is real…and it wants in. Peter and Alyssa Huffy have just moved to the beautiful town of Sparkle, Pennsylvania. But Sparkle is a lot more than it appears. It has a history that few would truly understand, and even fewer would believe. After the Huffys move into their big, new house, the founder of the town, a long-dead British adventurer, starts to visit Peter as he sleeps. Peter soon finds himself being drawn into a bizarre dreamworld that's too real to be his imagination, and too strange to be real. There is a treasure here that, Peter is assured, is as important as is life itself. But there is something dangerous here, as well. A large, ancient figure lurking in the background that lives in both worlds. Twelve-year-old Derek Windward is a descendant of the founder of the town, and the sole keeper of Sparkle’s secrets. He is the only one who has faced the evil that is hiding in the darkest parts of the forest, and he is the only one who knows how terrifying the power it wields truly is. Whether in a dreamworld, or in ours, both Peter and Derek have the same deadly enemy - a giant, tormented creature born eight-thousand years ago in the Garden of Eden. In some distant corners of the world, it is remembered in folk tales told to scare children. In Sparkle, it is all too real, and it is waiting for its chance to strike. Though what it wants is uncertain, what it would do to get it is unthinkable.

3/5 Stars

I know that my rating of 3 stars may not seem very generous, but this book definitely surprised me in certain aspects. Right away when I opened this book, I was swept into the creative and fantastical town of Sparkle, Pennsylvania. This book certainly didn't disappoint in that aspect. I loved how different this book was from the things I normally read. It was refreshing to have something so creative and new. Unlike most books I read, this one actually had me wondering what was going to happen next. I thought that the characters were very well done, and had emotion and depth. However, this book took me a while to read because it just didn't grip me in that well. For me, the reading felt a little slow, but other than that, I enjoyed this book.

3.5/5 Stars 
I agree with Lark on basically everything from their review so I am not going to add much. I just want to say that I loved the way the town was written. Like Lark said, the atmosphere draws you in and makes you want to read more. Right away, you can tell there is something a little different about this town. I agree that the pacing is a little bit slow at times so it can be hard to really get into the story at first. I also thought that the characters were very well written as well. The one thing I have to say, is sometimes the dialogue seemed to feel a little stiff and that tends to break whatever "spell" that the setting or atmosphere is able to put on the reader. Overall I really enjoyed this book. You can tell how much thought and planning went into every detail especially with the mystery and evil surrounding Bunyine. I would definitely recommend reading.

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