All the Bright Places Discussion

Hello! This is Lily!
Hello! This is Lark!
We are discussing the book All the Bright Places!
Let me start by saying Finch was the best. Can we both agree on that?
Ok I loved Finch and Violet! OMG You know who would make the PERFECT Finch and Violet!?!?!?!?! The one and only Evan Peters and the beautiful, amazing, talented, fabulous, wonderful Taissa Farmiga! I mean come on they would be perfect!! Am I right?!?!?!
I totally agree with Lily. Taissa Farmiga and Evan Peters would fit the roles PERFECTLY.
I mean Taissa already has played a kind of sad Violet, and Evan is just great in whatever so I mean seriously someone make it happen!!
Alright then… Anyways, I know that you like Violet’s old boyfriend is that correct?
Um YES. ESCUUUUUUUUUSE MEEE. But he is the best thing that has and ever will happen to Violet, SOOOO ummmmm he is just so nice and caring, and don’t get me wrong, Finch is nice, but I just really love Ryan because he is just so perfect for herrrrrrr.
Are you kidding me?!?! He is written to be boring and replaceable. I mean if he was SOOOO perfect for Violet why did she break up with him. Like multiple times to be with Finch I might add. He was nice, sure I will give you that, be he was boring. He didn’t get Violet and that is why she was so much better with Finch. Someone who was far from boring and actually understood her. Not to mention RIGHT after they broke up Ryan started dating her (awful) best friend. Yeah sounds like a perfect boyfriend to me...
Didn’t understand her? DIDN’T UNDERSTAND HER??? ?!?!?!?!?!??! Did you EVEn READ THE BOOK!!1!!!!!!! You do have a point though…… But I still like him. SO SAY WHAT YOU MUST BUT I THINK HE IS GREAT. SO. RIOVET FOREVAAAA
Yeah I read the book, I read the part when he was just like ummmmmm sorry your sister died?....... He had nothing in common with her. They had nothing to talk about. They were never actually going to stay together, even if Finch wasn’t there. Finch however, helped her to move on after her sister’s death, and remember how much she liked to write (not to mention got her to drive again. Can you imagine biking everywhere…). What did Ryan do? Ummmmmmm about nothing (besides date her best friend).
Give up?
NO. I HAVE A POINT TO MAKE. You said that Finch helped her get over her sister’s death… well he did, FOR A WHILE. THEN HE WENT ON AND DIED HIMSELF!!1!!!!!! NOW NOT ONLY DOES SHE HAVE HER SISTER’S DEATH TO COPE WITH, BUT HER BOYFRIEND’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
First of all, Finch was bipolar. I don’t think that him being bipolar (something that he can not help) can be counted as something that makes him a bad boyfriend. ALSO, he helped Violet learn how to cope with someone close to her’s death. She learned how to deal with death (Including Finch’s) without just completely shutting out the world and contemplating suicide.
Alright, think WHAT YOU MUST about Finch and his STUPID ways, but you can have your opinion, and I can have mine (the obviously superior one).
Sure, sure you can have your (wrong) opinion, but let me just remind you that just a few paragraphs ago you were agreeing with me that Finch was the best… Just wanted you to remember that.
Yes, he is the best. I won’t argue with that. But he isn’t the best boyfriend.
Yeah no. But anyways, lets move on. Sooooooooooo
Were you also really confused when Finch kept saying he was falling asleep??? I mean I thought like he literally meant he was falling asleep for weeks...
YESSSS. I was so confused, it actually took me until like the middle of the book to find out what he actually meant.
Yeah……….. Ok running out of questions. What was your favorite part?
I don’t know.
Wow thanks….
I know right.
Ok well… are we done then?
NO. jkjk sure.
Ok Bye?
K. bye.

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