Review Policy

We have recently changed our review policy. For any reviews/post regarding books that we have accepted  before we changed, we will stick to our previous policy.
We are happy to accept books for review consideration on our blog Lark and Lily.
If you would like to contact us, please email us at
We try to respond to every review request, but we can not guarantee that we will be able to review every book. We will include a shipping address in our response if we are interested.

In your email please include 

the following if possible:

  • Title and author of the book
  • A synopsis 
  • Cover photo
  • A excerpt from the book 
  • The format that you are able to send us
  • If you have a specific time frame for when our review needs to be posted

We generally prefer print/bound copies of books (including ARC copies or finished books) but we will consider Ebooks occasionally (PDF is preferred). Remember, we have two writers on our blog. If we receive one copy of the book, most likely only one writer with review the book. Two copies will allow us to both read and review the book.

We review mainly young adult books on our blog and therefore will be excepting mainly young adult books for our blog. We may consider other genres/age groups, but we prefer young adult.

We make an effort to review every book that we receive, but that means that we do not have a definite time period in which your review will be posted. If you have a time frame that you need us to post our review, please specify in your email.

We will always give our honest review of the book. If we do not like a book, we will say so in our post. So it is possible that we will write a negative review if we do not enjoy the book.We will always mention in our post if we received the book for review. If we are sent a book for review it will not affect our review or our opinion on the book.

While reading the book, if we discover that we do not enjoy the book or we are unable to finish it, we can not guarantee that we will post a review. We are going to make a huge effort to review the majority of the books that we receive. However, we have been getting quite a few requests for book reviews and if we find that we really do not enjoy reading a book, we reserve the right to not post a review.

We will post a review of the book of our blog, a short review on goodreads, and either a post on our instagram account or our twitter.

Rating System

5/5 - This book is amazing! We absolutely love it!
4/5 - The book is great! 
3/5 - This book was good but it had a few flaws
2/5 - This book was alright, but it had quite a few flaws
1/5 - We did not like this book
0/5 - We hated this book/We did not finish this book

Guest Posts/Guest Blogging- We would love to have authors or other bloggers write guest posts for our blog! We will accept posts that are relevant to our blog. This means mainly posts about young adult writing or books and occasionally writing or books of different genres/age groups. Please email us with your post, or a pitch of your post. We try to respond to every email. Include the name you would like attached to your post, any links you would  like us to include, and if you would like, a short bio. 
-Lark and Lily

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