Nerve Discussion

Nerve Discussion

Hello this is Lily!
Ayyyyyyyyy Lark here. ;) ;)
….. What?
K… we are off to a good start. Anyways let's start! Now I want you to tell me what you thought of the NERVE competition
Ok, I thought that it was a little extreme. I mean, I would never do those dares, sooo.
Seemed a little sketcharoo huh? Ok I might have done the first dare, like the entry dare, but I would have left after that. I mean seriously why would you do that. No shoes are worth that.
IKK that’s what I was going to say. I mean, I would have totally done that first dare for a pair of shoes. IF they were good shoes. OK BUT THE REAL QUESTION IS why didn’t she take the shoes at the end of the book????!!!!!!!
OMG RIGHT!!! Like you went through all of this horrible stuff, at least keep the shoes!! Who cares if they made you hold a gun, THEY GAVE YOU FREE SHOES, KEEP THE SHOES!!!!
OK speaking of holding guns…. I don’t see what the big deal was. NONE of them even wanted to shoot anyone.. And they didn’t tell them to shoot each other, so why when they turned the lights off, did they start FREAKING OUT I MEAN SERIOUSLY.
IKR!!! I mean the only way they were all going to get their prizes was if everyone completed the final dare and you can’t all complete the final dare if one of you were dead sooooooo no one was going to kill anyone. Also they had already been holding the guns for more than half the time and no one was dead, just stick it out for the last like 10 minutes seriously!!! It’s not that hard to do!!!!!! All they had to do was point a gun, it’s really not that bad compared to standing on the very edge of a super tall building. Not to mention I don’t think that it would be a very interesting dare for the watchers to watch… Also, I think that some of the other dares that she did that night were not only harder but also more dangerous…
I COMPLETELY agree. I mean they were already standing there for A LONG TIME with the guns, and they were COMPLETELY fine. So WHY did they all of a sudden feel like they had to escape ???? Why didn’t they just tell everyone to not shoot each other ?? Because none of them wanted to anyway ???? And they only had to point their guns at each other ….
Not to mention, if they were really so worried about getting shot I wouldn’t ruin everyone else’s chance at getting the one thing they want while they are all holding guns, pointed at you. I am pretty sure it is safer just to let them (the people WITH GUNS) get what they want (WHILE YOU ALSO GET WHAT YOU WANT) and sit there quietly.
Also, changing subjects but were you super suspicious of Ian like the entire time. I mean he just randomly started acting like he REALLY liked her (Like after 10 minutes) you know while they were doing a dare contest. Why didn’t Vee wonder if it was all part of a dare. Don’t you think it was a little weird that he (This guy that would probably never give her a second glance anywhere else) started like LOVING her after just a few minutes of knowing her.
Ok not really though. Although I totally noticed how creepy Ian was being throughout the book, I still thought he was a good character.. (idk why I guess I just liked him) he was like telling Vee to do dares throughout the night, and RIGHT after she just said that she would not do another dare no matter what the prize was and he AGREED with her, but then pressured her into doing it.
IKR! Also, how are you feeling about the upcoming movie? Do you like the cast?
If by the cast, you mean Dave Franco and Emma Roberts … kk almost forgot her name there.. THEN YES.
I like the cast as well. Even though Dave Franco has a really weird voice……… But anyways, I think that the dares in the movie (from what I have seen from the trailer) look better than in the book. I think that in the book there should have been more. How many were there? Three? I also think they are better just because some of the dares in the book suck. For example the one where Ian had to buy her coffee while she sang…… Like what??????
Yes!!! I think the dares in the movie look WAYYY better (*cough* *cough* Ian and Vee kissing) also what is the deal with the dare where they steal the dress?
I agree with you. I like the way Vee and Ian meet much better in the movie. That could be because the movie Ian seems way better than the book Ian ( I kept picturing Ian as Dean from Gilmore Girls WHYYYYYY DAVE FRANCO IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN DEAN!!!!!) I also really like both Dave and Emma. I mean Emma was great in American Horror Story and if she was good enough to be engaged to Evan Peters for a while then she is good enough for me. Also Dave can cut a banana with a CARD!!! A CARD!!! HE CAN THROW A CARD AND CUT A BANANA WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!(looking forward to Now You See Me 2 if you can’t tell OMG JACK IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!)
…………. Emma Roberts was on American Horror Story?
Season 3 and 4 AND she might be in season 6.
K getting a little sidetracked aren’t we now….
So back to the book, sooooooooo about Tommy……
Ugh. Tommy.


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