TV Shows

Here are some of the TV shows that we like to watch:

Gotham is the best! It is about a young Bruce Wayne living his life in Gotham City. However, Bruce is not the main character,  Jim Gordon is. The show is mainly from his point of view as he fights crime in Gotham. There are tons of great character such as Alfred!! There is also famous batman villains such as Penguin,  Mr. Freeze,  and the Scarecrow!
I love Gotham!! Jim Gordon is the best!! But also, Harvey Bullock is the best!!!! I have way too many favorite characters from this show.. like Ed (aka the riddler) He is so great! I love him!! But Penguin is also pretty great!!!! And Alfred!! Alfred is THE BEST!!! OK I think it would be easier to list the characters that I don't like.. FISH. FISH MOONEY. She annoys me SO MUCH. Also Barbara.. SERIOUSLY WHY??? 
American Horror Story
I love American Horror Story. Each season is a creepy new story, completely different from the seasons before it. The main cast is usually the same though. My personal favorite season, would have to been season one , THE MURDER HOUSE!!!!!!! Season one is about a family who moves in to an old house, but the house is actually haunted by everyone who has died in the it.The ghosts can not leave the house except on Halloween, but they can roam around, within the house like normal people. Tate is by far my favorite character! TATE FOREVER!!

Once Upon A Time
This show is so good! It is a TV show about a bunch of fairy tale characters in real life, with characters like Snow White, Captain Hook, Rumpelstiltskin, (I think I spelled that right), Belle, and MUCH more. I LOVED the first three seasons, but after that I think it went a little downhill. Don't get me wrong, it's a good show, but the latest episodes haven't been as good as the other ones. But!! Don't let that stop you! This is definitely on my list of favorite TV shows.
Gilmore Girls
I LOVE Gilmore Girls. I mean being a book lover myself Rory is basically me sooooooo. Always Gilmore Girls is a TV show about a mother and a daughter who are extremely close, practically best friends. They live in a really small quirky little town called Stars Hollow. They TV show is basically about them living there are their relationships (Team Jess forever!!!!!), friendships, and also their relationship with Rory's (the daughter) grandparents (aka the mother's (Lorelei) parents). Anyways it is one of my FAVORITE TV shows!! Also they are making a revival!!!!!! It is coming our November 25!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have any suggestions for TV shows that you think we would like, leave them in the comments below!

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